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HA Grade Natural Liquid Latex,  also known as Standard Ammonia, High Ammonia and Full Ammonia. This is the most common grade of  latex used world wide.

Low  Ammonia LATZ Grade Natural Liquid Latex. This is the most common type of Low Ammonia Latex, preserved with  small amounts of TMTD and Zinc Oxide. It is particularly used in colder climates where the factory floor is enclosed to maintain the  temperature and thus the lower ammonia content is  desirable.

Mid  Ammonia Grade Natural Liquid Latex.  This is HA grade latex with less than the normal 0.70% ammonia content. It will not keep long but is ideal for local factories in Thailand  and Malaysia which will consume it within two weeks of production.

TMTD Free Grade Natural Liquid Latex. This is usually a High Ammonia latex, but it can be made in Low  Ammonia for customers whose consumption will be made within 3 months  of production. Some regulatory bodies, particularly in Germany, prohibit the use of products made from latex containing TMTD in  situations where there is long term contact with humans. We can  offer this special grade in 20 tonne batches.

Double Centrifuged Natural Liquid Latex. This process reduces the non-rubber solids to 0.40 %, which makes  the latex ideal for thin-wall dipped goods such as prophylactics and  for fine thread. This grade is made to order in 60 tonnes minimum batches.

Skim Block is a by-product of latex production.  It is a light coloured clean rubber suitable for goods where the tear strength of the rubber is not critical, and is typically sold at a significant discount to the price of TSR 10.

TSR  5L is premium grade very light coloured and clean rubber suitable for  the most demanding applications. We can produce about 500 tonnes  per month.

TSR  CV60 & TSR CV50   For European and American customers, Phattex UK office can  also supply these grades of rubber - the produce of Chana factory -  by permission of the CEO of Chana Ltd.


An associate company in Malaysia manufactures Pre-vulcanised latex and  Graft Copolymer latices, which we can supply.