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small unit latex

The  standard unit is the 205 KG net weight steel drum.  Eighty (80) drums can be loaded all upright in a 20 foot container (16.4 MT net).  An additional 10 drums can be loaded horizontally on top of the 80 and held safely in place with a cradle (18.45 MT net).  Exclusively for customers who are sure they have the materials handling skill and equipment at the discharge point to make a safe discharge, we can load 18 drums horizontally, making 98 drums (20.09 MT net). Plastic (HDPE) drums may be supplied on request.

A  more efficient unit is the IBC - Intermediate Bulk Container. The plastic bottle in cage type is illustrated, which  increases the payload in a 20 foot container to 20 tonnes net.  Our bottles are white, but are shrouded in black plastic film to prevent discolouration (click here to view).

In most destination countries these units have a high resale  value.

Our  factory reconditions and fits new valves to these units, but  we are dependent for volume on these units appearing on the second-hand market in Thailand. New IBCs are too expensive.

A  one-way IBC is available using a polythene bag in a strong cardboard frame. They do travel well, they are cheaper than the plastic type and have no supply problems, but they have little resale  value.

bung-top steel drum

our IBC before fitting the black plastic shroud

polythene in cardboard IBC